Brent's Trade Journal Open To Public

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

In November 2019, I decided to open up my notes and trades to the public, for entertainment and educational purposes only. Having seen so much misinformation pushed to eager, would-be traders over the years, I felt it important to share the day-to-day insights and analysis from someone who does, in fact, trade Bitcoin full-time.

The group started in November with about 300 members but has since more than doubled, and the feedback I’ve received has truly been a breath of fresh air (see forthcoming Testimonials page).

This is a no-nonsense, commenting-enabled, technical analysis and market strategy channel on the Telegram platform. It is also anonymous, as I do not want anyone in the community targeted by fraud or spam.

My trade ideas are broadcast openly, but without specific entries and exits and stop losses, etc.. This is because I do not want anyone following me into a trade and potentially losing capital. Please see disclaimer below before considering following this channel. The channel is merely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Educational content can be found throughout - simple search for key terms using a hashtag, as well as a Keywords List that can be found by searching #Keywords.

As long as I’m able, I will provide content there that is hopefully helpful in developing traders or, at the very least, more knowledgeable speculators/ investors who want more of an edge when they do decide to trade markets.

Brent's Spec Diary (Telegram Channel Name)


This channel is a log of my trade ideas and market strategy. It is anonymous and free to enter & follow. It benefits me because it helps me process thoughts, I genuinely enjoy writing & like to teach. I also think there is a dire need for honest but quality trading content in the world.

The Power of Free!

People often associate a hefty price tag with quality. In my experience, that is not always the case. In fact, I've found it to be the opposite when it comes to trading education.

Disclaimer/ The Primary Purpose/ Mentoring

This primary purpose of this log is as a record for me to reflect back on. I’m not a financial advisor and never give financial or trading advice. These trades should not be attempted, nor followed. Always do your own research.

I’m sorry but I don’t have time to teach free individual trading. If you'd like individual help, I'm available on an hourly or ongoing basis but it is very expensive. Otherwise, I just don't have the time, sorry. You will not see me post anything specific regarding my trade lots. This is because I do not want anyone following me into a trade, nor do I want to be a hacking target. Always trade at your own risk. I (Brent) am the only Admin. I will never contact anyone here directly.

The Secondary Purpose/ My Strategy

I’m hoping to convey how I view markets, for those seeking knowledge, as someone who learned finance and trading on his own - first through equities and then with cryptocurrencies. I prefer not to trade very often, for mental health and performance reasons. My trading strategy is little-to-no leverage and in fact almost all positions I take are straight cash (zero margin/leverage). When analyzing my trades, please take this into account.

The Goal

My goal is to educate on how to effectively analyze charts, markets and to pay it forward. I learned by reading, studying and watching others. But it took me over a decade to figure out the "right" sources. Hopefully I can save people that time.


Risk Management is imperative in trading but I don’t have time to teach it here. I strongly encourage ample time studying risk management & position sizing.

Please do not contact me about your individual trades. That is not why I opened this diary. I am hoping to educate, but I am often wrong.