2021 Bitcoin Price Target: $200-250k

Apologies for not keeping the blog updated but if you've been following my trading channel on Telegram, you know my price target for Bitcoin during this current cycle is approximately $200-250k. I am leaning closer to $250k but will begin scaling out of my various positions around the time it hits $200k.

The timing of which should be around June-September 2021, depending on the pace of price action. At current pace, my anticipation is around June-July....but this is of course subject to change should the pace change.

The target is based on my analysis of Bitcoin cycles, the foundation of which is the Bitcoin halving cycle, as well as my 4+ years of trading Bitcoin.

The below chart encapsulates my reasoning from a technical perspective. Any questions, feel free to pop on over to my free Telegram channel (see previous blog), where commenting is enabled.