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Blockchain Blitz, LLC

In 2017, one thing became very apparent: a fundamental lack of clarity exists in nearly all areas of cryptocurrency. This includes understanding price fluctuations and drivers, proper valuation metrics, investor marketing, consensus building, safety & security, fundamental & technical analysis, cryptocurrency exchanges, regulation, market trends, and fraud identification. 

A cryptocurrency consulting and analytics firm, Blockchain Blitz was established to set a new standard for guidance, transparency and advocacy in this emerging asset class.


We are seasoned cryptocurrency traders, investors and project evaluators leveraging our experience to the benefit of our clients.

Brent Clarke, Consultant

Brent is a seasoned entrepreneur experienced in equity & cryptocurrency trading, investing, start-ups, emerging markets & management consulting. A believer in transparency & game theory strategist, his expertise includes technical analysis, trading, coin metrics, risk management, investment & portfolio management, cryptocurrency exchanges and marketing.

Blockchain Blitz is not a registered financial adviser and thus does not provide financial advice. The opinions expressed by Blockchain Blitz should not be considered investment advice. Please consult your own tax, legal and/or financial adviser before engaging in any cryptocurrency transaction. Blockchain Blitz is not responsible for any gains or losses resulting from opinions expressed herein. Always do your own research.

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